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Meet The Band

(Photo: Macey Holyak Photography)

Trio from left to right
Phinex Diego: Up-Ri
ght Bass
Bryan Scar: Vox/Guitar
John Heinz: Fiddle

Established in 2018, Bryan Scar created the trio "Bryan & The Barn Owls" to further promote/bolden his sound. Why "The Barn Owls" you may ask? While creating a brand new name sounded enticing, Bryan wanted to still keep familiarity with his own music while also doing a throw back to classic groups such as "Haley & The Comets" or "Buddy Holly & The Crickets". The Barn Owls got chosen because Bryan believed when one thinks of barns, they think of rustic Americana & when one thinks of Owls, they think of nocturnal creatures thriving in the night. In that logic, Barn Owls seemed to incapsulate the vision! Since 2018 "Bryan & The Barn Owls" have performed in various venues including: The Mar-va Theatre, The Delmarva Folk Festival, Wicomico County Fair, Dickens Parlor Theater, & 1st Beach Festival to name a few...


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