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Photo By: Macey Holyak Photography

"He's a true talent, the record is remarkable! Honestly, I love it! His guitar work is extraordinary and he has a beautiful voice ~ expressive, clear, great range, and warmth. He's got it all!"

-  Joe Uehlein (Solo Artist whose worked with Pete Seeger, John Denver & Steve Earl)

Born into a family with a deep love of music, Bryan became quickly drawn into the art. Bryan’s first guitar was a flamenco guitar handed down from his uncle in 2006. As he moved in and out of various bands through high school/college, Bryan developed a unique songwriting style composed of his many influences, including John Denver, Johnny Cash and Jim Croce. During this time, he also grew experience as a composer, thus mastering the song process from start to finish


After 1 year of studying music in Los Angeles,CA, Bryan returned to his home state of Delaware in late 2012 to start his journey as a solo artist. He draws his inspiration from America's countryside, his personal journey as an artist, and events in history. Since 2014 he has released 4 albums, played numerous times on local radio/television stations, got nominated for "Best Local Artist" award in 2016 & won Delaware Todays "Best Local Artist downstate" award in 2021. 


He currently performs along the east coast from Delaware all the way to Tennessee. Since 2018 he's been spreading the word of his trio "Bryan & The Barn Owls"! When asked what his goals are he says "To eventually perform around the nation & share my songs with anyone who will listen! 


Endorsed by: TETON Guitars


Best Local Artist 
- DownState -

Regular on Delmarva Life
(Since 2015)


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